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Field narrowed from 64 to 32 teams:

Although it is very early to predict anything after Thursday and Friday's first round action, a few upsets did happen which inevitably threw a few wrinkles into the old bracket predictions. 

<- Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State)


I consider an upset if the difference between the seeds is 5 or greater.  This year's first round games we witnessed only a few "upsets" and depending on which sports radio program you listened to, maybe these were not really upsets at all.

All of the upset games happened in the Southwest region.  # 6 Georgetown bowed out in the first round for the second year in a row, losing again rather handily 74-56 to # 11 seed VCU who had to win on Wednesday 03/16 in a play-in game.  Georgetown lost last year in the first round as well to the 14 seed Ohio Bobcats team.  Wonder if John Thompson III will be shown the door......I highly doubt it.  Georgetown is in Washington DC, need I say more. 

# 12 Richmond Spiders dispatched # 5 Vanderbilt in a tight game 69-66.  Vanderbilt lost last year in the first round as well to # 12 Murray State as the Commodores were also seeded 5th in 2010.  Finally and probably the biggest shocker of the first round games was the win by # 13 Morehead State who took down Rick Pitino's # 4 seeded Louisville Cardinals 62-61 on a last second 3 pointer.

A great turnout at the open house Thursday and Friday.  A big thank you to all that participated, it makes watching the games that much more interesting and exciting.

Through First Round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Mark Noffke - 382

2nd: Ron Seymour - 349

3rd: Ralph Trevino - 330

4th: SID - 313


Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:     Mark Noffke's - Jimmer Fredette (BYU) - 32 points

                  Ron Seymour's  - Tyler Zeller (UNC)  - 32 points


both players still in tournament



Updated scoring through 1st round games:






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