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Finals have been decided:

<- Kemba Walker # 7 pick by Kremer (U Conn) is the highest scorer left in the tournament and should win the leading scorer in the tournment bonus prize ($25 payout)



# 8 Butler Bulldogs vs # U Conn Huskies

Tipoff 8:23 CT

Monday Night 04/04

Our game:

Dennis Hammer (a founding board member) is a lock to win it the draft game after finishing in 2nd place two out of the past three years.  This will be Dennis' first win since 1985 so congratulations to Dennis especially in this our 30th year anniversary.


Ralph Trevino and sons Nick and Sam are enjoying a fantastic 1st year in the draft but they have no players remaining in the tournament and hold a slight 11 point lead over the Seymour team currently in 3rd place1


Ron Seymour and Dan Huffstetler should get enough points out of Matt Howard and Andrew Smith, the two Butler big men, to overtake 2nd place in the game.


Through 4th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Dennis Hammer - 878

2nd: Ralph Trevino - 754

3rd: Ron Seymour - 743

4th: Ken Kremer - 712

Top 3 Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:     Ken Kremer's - Kemba Walker (U Conn) - 125 pts (still in)

               Commissioner's - Shelvin Mack (Butler) - 109 (still in)

               Ron Seymour's - Tyler Zeller (UNC) - 103 pts (out)

+/- Leader ($50 payout):  

Matt has the lead as well at a <85> point level.   Lehman again is just behind at <59> but there's no way he can catch Matt's underperformance from his draft picks so nice on Matthew.  Wait, do we congratulate somebody for having a shitty draft???