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Plus Minus Leader
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All tournament team

Matt Howard - Butler

 Shelvin Mack - Butler

Jamie Skeen - VCU

Jeremy Lamb - U Conn

Kemba Walker - U Conn

Tournament MVP & Leading Scorer






Connecticut Huskies- national champs


Connecticut star Kemba Walker - leading scorer in the tournament and tournament MOP

Dennis Hammer coasted in for the win by a wide 140 point margin over the 2nd place finisher team of Ron Seymour and Dan Huffstetler.  Ralph Trevino and sons Nick and Sam did not have a player left in the final game and had to watch their 2nd place finish this year disappear by a 1 point final difference in score.  Talk about wanting a free throw or two during the tournament.

Analyzing the Hammer win:

  •  First and foremost, he did this alone with nobody to help him.  That within itself is a big achievement nowadays. 

  •  Interestingly enough Dennis did not draft a single player from a top seeded team.  If the Final 4 went like it did a couple of years ago where all number 1 seeds made it to the final 4, I would have to think that we would be congratulating somebody else on winning this year.

  •  Arizona going 4 games and Kentucky 5 games was huge for Dennis this year as he had 5 draft picks from these two teams and they got him 277 points.

  •  Led the tournament with 79 games played out of his players he drafted for an average of 2.8 games played per pick.  When you think about that, 2.8 means you're not only getting on average every one of your picks into the second weekend of the tournament but then almost a 3rd games worth as well.  The low team this year was the Noffke team with only 50 total games played from their draft picks for an average of 1.8 games per pick. 

  •  Led the tournament with a 32 points per pick average.  This stat is probably the best indicator of how you did in the game.  As mentioned above, Hammer led the tournament with 79 games played and then led the tournament with 32 points per draft pick.  Lehman team in contrast got 74 games played out of their draft picks but only averaged 20 points per pick.  I believe it's a combination of getting high numbers in both categories to be successful in this draft game.

  •  His 27th round pick of Shawn Vanzant of Butler played 6 games and scored 48 points for him.  Vanzant, picked 266th in the draft, finished in the top 30 in scoring in the tournament.

  •  Was only one of two drafters with a positive cumulative total in the +/- calculation with a + 26 total.  In comparison, Matt Krautstrunk's picks ended up <88> points.

  •  Draft selection of Jeremy Lamb (pictured below) of U Conn turned out to be a golden lamb.  Lamb a freshman who averaged under 10 points a game during the regular season scored 97 points for Dennis over 6 games played for an average greater than 16 a game.  Lamb, + 39 points in +/- calculation, was one of the top individual players in the tournament who scored more in the tournament than the regular season.


All scoring has been rechecked.  There was one small error with originally giving Matt Krautstrunk's pick of Markief Morris, 3 points in the 3rd game, he scored 5.  That was all the errors I could find. 

Final results:



Drafter / Team Members Score Behind
1st Place $300 Dennis Hammer 895  
2nd Place $200 Ron Seymour / Dan Huffstetler 755 -140
3rd Place $100 Ralph Trevino / Nick Trevino / Sam Trevino 754 -141
4th   Ken Kremer / Bob Boldt / Tim Boldt 728 -167
5th   Commissioner Krautstrunk / Dave Eccles 726 -169
6th   Mark Noffke / Bruce Martin / Steve Noffke 655 -240
7th   Rob Stenzel / Jason Schladenhoffen 608 -287
8th   SID (Bill Starkweather, Drew Logan, John Logan) 578 -317
9th   John & Mike Lehman 559 -336
10th   Matt Krautstrunk 547 -348






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