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 These are the general rules for our draft game

  • We will set draft order on draft night using random selection of draft order. Drafter finishing last in previous year will have the first draw from the bucket.  This will proceed on until drafter that finished 1st in previous year will draw his draft position.  Any player that did not draft in previous year will have a chance to select draft position after all previous year players have done so.

  • We will draft a total of 28 players per drafter if 10 are drafting (280 total draft picks), 26 if 11 are drafting (286 total draft picks) and 24 per drafter if there are 12 drafters drafting (288 total draft picks).

  • We will go up and down the ladder for the draft, meaning player drafting 1st in the 1st round will draft last in the 2nd round and then 1st in the 3rd round.   This draft order will proceed until completion of draft. 

  • A "shot clock" will be on when it is your turn to draft.  You will have 2 minutes to make a selection after the person ahead of you has made his selection (hopefully this will be quicker).  This should allow enough time to update your draft sheet and make your selection.  Failure to make a pick within your allotted time may forfeit your turn for one pick (meaning you may be given a break for a couple of rounds then watch it!)  Note there are exceptions to this rule especially if there have been 2 or 3 quick draft choices made immediately before it becomes your time to draft.

  • When it is your turn to make your selection, please use the supplied draft list (supplied at draft night) and/or the available draft file to announce your draft selection.  You will need to have the draft pick pre-assigned number on your printout.

  • As always, you are limited to 3 draft picks from the same team.  And no, Kevin Keuper, THIS IS NOT A NEW RULE!



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