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Glen Rice - Michigan


Bo Kimble - Loyola Marymount


David Robinson - Navy


Dennis Scott - Georgia Tech







Draft Pick records:

  •  most points scored by a draft pick in the tournament - 184

scored by Glen Rice of Michigan during the 1989 tournament.   This total was 70 points better than the next best scorer in the tournament, John Morton of Seton Hall who finished the tournament with 114 total points scored.  Although Michigan was a # 3 seed that year in the tournament, Rice was selected with the 2nd pick overall in the draft by Dennis Brugh and definItely helped Dennis win the draft game that year.

  •  least points scored by a draft pick in the tournament - 0

Too many draft picks to list all here.   We usually average 3 - 5 draft picks a year total that end up not scoring a point for us.  Sometimes the player has been injured and gets drafted with the hope he will play, but doesn't. Sometimes it is due to a drafter desperately wanting a player on a given high seed team that hopes this 1.2 pts a game scorer will all of a sudden snap out of it.....yeah like that's going to happen!

  •  least amount of points scored by the leading scorer in the tournament - 97

This happened in the 2006 tournament.  Joakim Noah of Florida and Glen "Big Baby" Davis of LSU ended up tied as the tournament's leading scorer.  It took Noah 6 games to get to that number while Davis played in 5 games.

  •  Highest average points per game in tournament (min 4 games played) - 35.8

Think back to the 1990 tournament.  Bo Kimble of Loyola Marymount, in honor of his fallen teammate Hank Gathers, proceeded to light it up in the NCAA tournament, allowing the 11th seed team to get to the Elite Eight in the tournament.  Kimble shot all free throws in the tournament with his opposite hand and proceeded to score 45,37,19 then 42 points.  Loyola Marymount lost to the eventual national champion UNLV Running Rebels led by Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon and Anderson Hunt.

  •  Highest average per game from leading tournament scorer - 30.7

1989 by Glen Rice of Michigan.  Rice had games of 23,36,34,32,28 then finally 31 points for the eventual NCAA championship team.  Getting a player like Rice in the tournament obviously doesn't happen often at all and is certainly a drafter's dream pick.

The following year, 1990 Dennis Scott of Georgia Tech averaged 30.6 points per game as the leading scorer that year.  Scott played in 5 games with Ga Tech losing to Duke in the Final 4. 

It is an interesting note that during the 1990 tournament, we had more 13 picks score at least 97 points or more during the tournament.  97 points was the tournament leading scorer for 2006!  3 players in that tournament scored at least 40 points in a game.  Travis Mays of Texas scored 44 in an opening round win over Georgia.  Dennis Scott of Ga Tech hit Minnesota with a 40 spot in their Elite Eight win and Bo Kimble got to 40 or better twice that year scoring 45 in the 1st round against New Mexico State then 42 in their Elite Eight loss to UNLV.

  •    Most points scored in a game (during our game history) - 50

David Robinson of Navy but they lost in the opening round to the eventual NCAA champion Michigan Wolverines. 


Drafter records:

  •  Most total points scored in the tournament game:
  1. 1070 - Ralph & Nick Trevino -> 2016 tournament, they had their top 5 draft picks playing into the Final 4 and won 5 out of the first 10 round as the leading scorer in that draft round.  Won by 179 points over 2nd place finisher.
  2. 1056 - Dave Eccles -> 2017 tournament, won by 87 points over 2nd place finisher Team Trevino - 8 draft teams x 32 draft picks
  3. 969 - Ralph & Nick Trevino -> 2017 tournament, 2nd place finisher
  4. 963 - Steve Krautstrunk -> 1990 tournament (mentioned above, 1990 was really an exceptional year scoring wise in the tournament) the Commissioner won the game by 154 points over the 2nd place finisher that year
  5. 957 - Team Noffke -> Mark & Steve Noffke, Bruce Martin -> 2015 tournament and won the game over the next place finisher by 204 points.  They really hit a home run in this draft by drafting 3 players from UCLA (an 11th seeded team) who totaled 131 points, 2 players from Michigan State (a 7th seed) who totaled 170 points and 2 players from Louisville (a 4th seed) who totaled 134 points.  That's 435 points from 7 draft picks, awesome!
  6. 949 - Claude Childers -> 1994 tournament and won the game over the next place finisher by 136 points
  7. 939 - Ken Kremer -> 2001 tournament and won the game over the next place finisher by a record 160 points
  •  Least amount of points scored during the tournament game:
  1. 379 - Claude Childers -> 2001 tournament...Claude never quite got off and running in this tournament as he banked on # 2 seed Iowa State doing something in the tournament.  Claude lost his 2nd , 3rd and 5th round picks when Hampton U beat Iowa State in the opening round of the tournament.  Claude finished a record 560 points behind 1st place that year.  At the time. Claude also tied the record low of 14.6 points per draft pick (the winner had 36.1 / pick).
  2. 403 - Matt Krautstrunk -> 2010 tournament...Matt plain old had a combination of bad luck and a bad draft.  He only had one player that played in 4 games (out of 6 possible) and that pick scored only 12 points.  He drafted Kansas heavily a # 1 seed but KU lost in the 2nd round.  His top scorer lasted 3 games, Quincy Pondexter of Washington who scored a total of 43 points.  Matt pretty much broke all of Kevin Keuper's 2000 tournament records of futility.  Matt finished 495 points out of first place and his draft picks averaged a tournament history low of 14.4 points per pick.  The winner that year averaged 32.0 per pick.
  3. 410 - Kevin Keuper -> 2000 tournament...Kevin ran into a streak of bad luck in this tournament.  Using his cluster draft method, you usually do pretty well if you're right or a dreadfully bad if you're wrong.  Kevin lost many of his higher draft selections (10 total) when Arizona (# 1 seed), Cincinnati (# 2 seed), Temple (# 2 seed) and Oklahoma (# 3 seed) all failed to last past 2 games.    At the time, Kevin finished an historical worst 403 points behind 1st place that year.  Kevin also set a new record low this year by getting only 14.6 points per draft pick (the winner had  29.0 / pick)
  4. 419 - Ken Kremer -> 1999 tournament...16 of Ken's 24 picks were from seeds 1-5 teams.  That was the good news, the bad news is only one of these teams (2 picks) made it to a 3rd game.  Ken's top scorer, Doc Robinson from Auburn totaled 41 points in 3 tournament games. 
  5. 430 - Dennis Hammer -> 1994 tournament...Dennis may have just had one of those bad draft nights this particular year.  He really didn't attack anybody that was a top 2 seed in the tournament.  His 1st round pick was a 3rd seed and his 2nd rounder was from a 6th seeded team. 








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