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All tournament team

Cleanthony Early - Wichita State

Chane Behanon - Louisville

Peyton Siva - Louisville

Michael "Spike" Albrecht - Michigan

Trey Burke - Michigan

Mitch McGary - Michigan






Louisville Cardinals - 2013 National Champions


Louisville's Luke Hancock - named the tournament MOP

Wrapping up the tournament:

Yes, the players in the left margin were voted to the 2013 All Tournament team this year.  A couple of things happened this year in the selection process that I'm pretty sure has never happened before.  Due to a tie in the voting, 7 players made the All Tournament team instead of the normal 5 and can you believe it leading tournament scorer Russ Smith of Louisville was not one of them, yet Michael "Spike" Albrecht from Michigan was?


Luke Hancock, Peyton Siva & Chane Behanon of Louisville were name to the team.  Hancock being the first non starter to be named the Most Outstanding Player but in all honesty he deserved the honor after scoring 14 straight in the final game, 9 in 66 seconds.  Cleanthony Early of Wichita State was also recognized this year.  He is the first player from the Missouri Valley Conference to be voted to this team since a player named Bird made it back in 1979.  Michigan was represented by the aforementioned Spike Albrecht, Mitch McGary & Trey Burke, who was named national player of the year this year. 

I thought the 2013 tournament all in all was fantastic.  Had Wichita State pulled off the "Shocker" in the Final Four game against Louisville, that might have completely changed the outcome of our draft game.  A couple of coaches made a name for themselves during the tournament including Wichita State's Greg Marshall and Florida Gulf Coast's Andy Enfield who jumped before the tournament was over to grab the head spot at USC.

Some random things coming out of this tournament.........

  • Tournament scoring has been down in general over the past 4-5 years.  Only one game this year did a team score over 90 points in a game and that was Ohio State in their first round win over Iona.  In the past 4 years only 4 teams have scored in excess of 100 points in a tournament game.  In the four years starting in 1990, this happened 23 times.  Maybe this has something to do with why our game's final score has been very close the past couple of years.

  • We saw a player being made to the all tournament team in 2013 that didn't even get drafted in our draft.  Spike Albrecht of Michigan, a 1.5 pts per game scorer during the regular season with a high game of 7, ended up with 36 overall points in the tournament which would have put him in the top 60 of our draft game.

  • Here's another one, Ron Baker, Wichita State, missed most of December's games, all of Jan & Feb due to a stress fracture in his foot.  He just started playing again right before the tournament started.  The freshman guard went undrafted despite averaging 7.3 points per game for the 9 seeded Wichita State Shockers.  Baker ended up with 55 points in 5 games played which was better than 258 of our picks drafted this year.

  • Tournament Most Outstanding Player Luke Hancock was playing in his first season of eligibility with Louisville after transferring from George Mason.  Last year when Hancock was not even eligible to play, Rick Pitino thought so highly of his leadership he was named co-captain for this season along with Peyton Siva.

  • The Mountain West Conference was touted to be the toughest conference in the nation and 5 out it's 9 teams were chosen to participate in the NCAA tournament.  All 5 were gone by the first weekend of play with 3 teams Boise State, UNLV & New Mexico losing in the first game. 

All the scoring has been rechecked and I did not find any errors. 

Final results:



Drafter / Team Members Score Behind
1st Place $300 Ralph, Nick & Sam Trevino 751  
2nd Place $200 Mark & Steve Noffke, Bruce Martin 747 -4
3rd Place $100 Kevin Keuper & Dave Eccles 697 -54
4th   Rob Stenzel & Jason Schladenhauffen 666 -85
5th   Ken Kremer, Bob & Tim Boldt 659 -92
6th   Dennis Hammer 647 -104
7th   SID (Bill Starkweather, Drew Logan, John Logan) 587 -164
8th   Steve Krautstrunk 519 -232
9th   John Lehman 514 -237
10th   Matt Krautstrunk 509 -242






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