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The Championship Game has been locked in


<- Justin Jackson, Trevino's # 1 pick in the draft, will lead UNC in the championship game against Gonzaga and has the chance to be the leading scorer in the tournament.  All Jackson needs is 19 points in the championship game which be under his 20.2 he's averaging through 5 games.



# 1 North Carolina Tar Heels vs  # 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs

Tipoff Monday 04/03/17 @ 8:18 CT


FInal Four recap

# 1 seed Gonzaga Bulldogs held on to defeat # 7 seed South Carolina Gamecocks.  South Carolina down 9 at half, had a chance to tie the game in the final seconds.  Down 3 points, South Carolina's Sindarius Thornwell (Eccles 8th round pick) was fouled with 2 seconds on the clock.  He made the first and attempted to intentionally miss the second but Gonzaga pulled down the rebound and the Cinderella story was over, final score Gonzaga 77, South Carolina 73.


In the second game of the evening, # 1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels edged # 3 seed Oregon Ducks by a final of 77-76. Kennedy Meeks led the Tar Heels with 25 points, double his season average.  Meeks was a 3rd round pick by Dave Eccles.  Justin Jackson finished the game with 22 points for UNC.   Tyler Dorsey (SID's 6th round selection) finished his tournament performance by scoring 21 points for Oregon.  Dorsey with a 12.4 regular season average scored more than 20 points in all 5 tournament games he played in.  He finished with 119 points over 5 games for a 23.8 per game average.  This was North Carolina's 4th Final 4 win in 14 seasons under head coach Roy Williams.


Our game:

This year Dave Eccles is distancing himself from the rest of the draft teams.  Out of his 32 draft picks in 2017, Dave's draft went like this:  11 - # 1 seeded team draft picks, 5 # 2 seeds, 9 # 4 seeds, 5 # 7 seeds and 2 # 8 seeded draft selections so Eccles did not draft any player below an 8 seed.  Going to the final game, Eccles has a 55 point lead over current second place Team Trevino (Ralph & Nick) and is 58 points ahead of newcomer Team Snyder (Rod Snyder & Scot Gowan).   Eccles still has 6 players remaining in the tournament and is expected to exceed the overall scoring record of 1070 points set last year by Team Trevino.  Eccles 6 players remaining were his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 12th round picks.  Team Trevino 953 points and Team Snyder 950 points, will have a little battle to finish in 2nd place this year, a difference of $35.  Both Trevino and Snyder should finish in a money position (top 3 pay).


Through 5th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Dave Eccles  - 1008

2nd: Team Trevino (Ralph & Nick) - 953

3rd: Team Snyder (Rod & Scot Gowan)  - 950

4th: Team SID - 875



Top 4 Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:  SID team's - Tyler Dorsey (Oregon)- 119 pts (out)

               Eccles - Sindarious Thornwell (South Carolina) - 118 pts (out)

               Trevino Team's - Justin Jackson (North Carolina) - 101 (still in)

             Commissioner - Frank Mason 89 (out)



+/- Leader ($65 payout 1/2 the entry fee):  

Dennis Hammer has the lead for this dubious payoff with a tournament total of <94> through 5 games.  Hammer had a little bit of bad luck with his player's performance as 22 of his 32 draft picks were under their regular season average with Luke Kennard <21> (Duke) being his worst draft pick.   Team Snyder actualy the top 2 underperformers in the draft with injured and out of the tournament Kenny Willams of UNC being at <31> through 5 games and Malike Monk (KY) ending up at <26> through his 4 games played in the tournament.