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FINAL 4 has been set:

<-Team SID's 6th round draft pick, Tyler Dorsey has helped lead # 3 seeded Oregon reach the Final 4.  Dorsey lead Oregon with 27 points in the win over # 1 Kansas on Saturday in the Elite 8 and for 12.4 pts/gm regular season average, Dorsey has scored over 20 in all 4 games in the tournament.




# 7 South Carolina Gamecocks vs # 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs

# 3 Oregon Ducks vs # 1 UNC Tar Heels


Entering the Final 4, 3 out of the 4 # 1 seeded teams were still intact, the lone exception being Villanova who lost to Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 game.  Two remain going to the Final 4, North Carolina and Gonzaga.   The surprise team for most has been the Gamecocks of South Carolina as this was a team not expected to even make the tournament, to now be a Final 4 team.






<- North Carolina's Luke May (22nd round pick by Commissioner) hit the game winning jumper for a 75-73 win for the Tar Heels









Our game:

This has been a crazy tournament so thus it's been crazy on our draft game.  Opening weekend leader Team Snyder was projected to be leading by about 60 after the Sweet 16 games but Team Trevino had a big Thu/Fri output from their picks and cut that gap to 35.   Team Trevino was projected to be leading by 4 points over Snyder and 68 over Dave Eccles after the Elite 8 games.  Now after the Elite 8 games, Team Trevino is in the lead by 4 points but they lost most of their remaining picks Saturday and Sunday.  We now show Dave Eccles with the help of his 8 remaining picks to vault to 1st place by the end of next Saturday's games.  I don't think anybody can catch Dave for 1st place this year.  


The scoring is up again this year, with the 8 teams drafting.  Through 4 games played, we've accumulated 6668 points and our draft picks have played 575 player games for an average of 11.6 per game.  Last year through 4 games it was 6571 points, 588 games, 11.2 average and in 2015, 6322 points, 608 games played for an average of 10.4.


The fight now will be for 2nd and 3rd place, it really depends on how the draft pick plays and who wins on Saturday, these should be 2 really good games and at this point unpredictable as well.  Right now, using regular season average, I have Snyder ahead of Trevino by only 13 points after Saturday night.  Snyder will has Dillon Brooks of Oregon (playing UNC) and Karnowski of Gonzaga (playing South Carolina).  Trevino has Justin Jackson (the # 1 pick in the draft from UNC) playing Oregon so we know who Trevino is pulling for on Saturday.


One draft team, Ken Kremer's team, does not have a player left in the tournament again this year. 


Through 4th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Team Trevino - 931

2nd: Rod Snyder & Scott Gowan - 927

3rd: Dave Eccles - 896

4th: Commissioner Krautstrunk - 833


Current standings in the game through 4 games:
Pos Drafter Score Behind   Still In Out
1 Team Trevino 931 -   1 31
2 Team Snyder 927 -4   3* 29
3 Dave Eccles 896 -35   8 24
4 Commissioner Krautstrunk 833 -98   6 26
5 Team SID 823 -108   4 28
6 Team Noffke 818 -113   2 30
7 Team Hammer 745 -186   2 30
8 Team Kremer 695 -236   0 32
    6668     26 230
* note that one of Team Snyder's 3 remaining draft picks is not playing in the tournament            

Expected position in the game after FINAL 4 games Sat night:

(this is using regular season averages)

Pos Drafter          
1 Dave Eccles   997 *     
2 Team Snyder   962      
3 Team Trevino   949      
4 Commissioner Krautstrunk   873      
5 Team SID   871      
6 Team Noffke   839      
7 Dennis Hammer   770      
8 Team Kremer   695      

The following screen shot is from Dave Eccles DOS based computer after the draft was over.  This was his projected totals for the tournament by drafter.  Dave took a picture and sent it to my cell phone:

All I can say is WTF!

Top 4 Leading Scorers in the tournament ($25 to leading scorer):

Leaders:    Dave Eccles' - Sindarius Thornwell (S Carolina) - 103 pts (still in)

                 Team SID's - Tyler Dorsey (Oregon) - 98 pts (still in)

                 Commish's - Frank Mason (Kansas) -  89 pts (out)

                 Team Trevino's - Trevon Bluiett (Xavier) -  85 pts (out)

+/- Leader ($50 payout):  

This year, Dennis Hammer has this payout already wrapped as he has a cumulative <105> points through 4 games played.  This will hold up for the payout as he is 74 points worse than the next team, Team Noffke at <31>.  Dennis has 9 draft picks out of 32 that is has scored at or better in the tournament compared to the regular season which means

4 drafting teams are positive in the point performance from their picks this year.  The Commissioner is at a + 49, Team Snyder is at a + 26, Team SID is at + 24, and Team Trevino is + 15.

The best draft pick so far with most accumulated positive points over regular season average is SID"s pick of Tyler Dorsey (Oregon) taken in the 6th round 41st pick overall.  Dorsey as mentioned earlier is still playing and he's accumulated 48 more points this tournament from his average during the regular season.  Angel Rodriguez (Miami) selected in the 6th round, 54th pick overal ended up at + 30 points.  The worst pick so far has been Team Snyder's selection of Malik Monk (Kentucky) who ended the tournament scoring 59 points, <26> under what you would have expected from his regular seasonal average.  Those of us who saw Monk in the last month he was playing did not see the same Malik Monk who dropped 47 on North Carolina back in December.  Nazareth Mitrou-Long who was injured back in December and out for the year.  With Iowa State playing 3 games and his average was 12.0 a game he accumulated a <36> total.

21 Draft Rounds won at ($10 / round):

Already, Dave Eccles has wrapped up 7 draft rounds this year and for the 2nd year in a row, every team will win some of their entry fee money back.

Dave Eccles - 7 rounds won (5,8,16,26,28,30,32)

Commissioner Krautstrunk - 4 rounds won (22,23,29,31)

Team SID - 2 rounds won (6,18)

Noffke team - 2 rounds won (13,24)

Snyder team - 2 rounds won (10,20)

Team Trevino - 2 rounds won (14,15)

Team Kremer - 1 round won  (21)

Dennis Hammer - 1 round won (19)