Plus Minus Leader 


Derrick Rose - Memphis

Tyron Brazelton - W Kentucky

Josh Shipp -  UCLA


The reasoning for this payout:

For a $50 payout, this is a very underrated part of our game but obviously totally uncontrollable.  This payout portion was instituted a number of years ago to "reward" or payback if you will, the guy who got shafted the most out of his draft picks.  There is a +/- column now added to the printouts that calculates how many points your draft pick scored over or <under> his regular season average during the NCAA tournament.  It's a simple calculation of multiplying the number of games played times the reg season average less the total points scored thus far in the tournament.  This becomes the +/- number for each draft pick.

Before the tournament starts, we can only go on what our draft picks scored per game during the regular season.  We have no control over how they are asked to perform by the coaching staff or actually perform in pressure situations during the NCAA tournament, so their tournament scoring may or may not be affected negatively. 

Ken Kremer at <90> points accumulated the most negative amounts from his draft selections, but had they scored wha they did during the regular season, it would not have changed his final position in the game.  The calculated rerun of the points with the negative totals added back and the positive totals subtracted show Dennis Hammer narrowly winning the game over Rob Stenzel.  It is noted that our expert panel from draft night had Hammer winning this year so we were pretty close to being correct here, we obviously cannot predict tournament average per game.

FINAL RESULTS       Plus / Minus Recalc  
Final Final Final     Recalc Recalc
Score Position Plus/Min     Score Position
DENNIS 815 2 -1   DENNIS 816 1
ROB 828 1 22   ROB 806 2
CLAUDE 746 4 -49   CLAUDE 795 3
MARK 741 5 -10   MARK 751 4
MATT 682 7 -63   MATT 745 5
BOB G 750 3 17   BOB G 733 6
KEVIN 722 6 26   KEVIN 696 7
KEN 602 8 -90 *   KEN 692 8
STEVE 551 10 -84   STEVE 635 9
SID 576 9 -49   SID 625 10

* denotes highest total and 50% return of entry fee

 note: the player averages used are from's website after the regular season is over and before they play in any post season game.  The only exception to this would be from those teams who came out of nowhere to qualify which almost always happens and then we use whatever their end of the year (including post season tournament) average per game

  • Best Player(s) : Derrick Rose (Memphis) & Tyrone Brazelton (W Kentucky) both accumulated a + 40 points during the tournament for Bob Glinke (Rose) and Kevin Keuper (Brazelton)
  • Worst Player(s) : Donneal Mack (Memphis) & Josh Shipp (UCLA) both accumulated a <33> points during the tournament for Matt Krautstrunk (Mack) and Commissioner Krautstrunk (Shipp)

Click on this link for the final plus minus scoring file.....................

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