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Field narrowed from 64 to 32 teams:

First and foremost, I felt now the past 2 drafts were smooth, everybody is coming in prepared.  It's probably because a lot of the "new blood" that has been drafting (our kids) do so many other fantasy draft things.

In 2015 there were no 12 seeded teams winning their first round games against the 5 seed.  In 2016, 2 won, Arkansas Little Rock over Purdue and Yale beating Baylor.  In 2017, # 12 Middle Tennessee beat a pretty good Minnesota team.  2018 there were none and 2019 3 # 12 seeded teams won their opening round game, Liberty over Mississippi State 80-76, Murray State over Marquette 83-64 and Oregon beating Wisconsin 72-54.

Other double digit seeded teams advance to the 2nd round games including #13 UC Irvine advancing over # 4 Kansas State 70-64, #11 Ohio State edging # 6 Iowa State 62-59, # 10 Minnesota over # 7 Louisville 86-76 and # 10 Florida taking care of # 7 Nevada 70-61.

The draft game through 1:  In our draft game after game 1, there were 3 picks that scored more than 30 points.  Team Kremer's 8th round pick of Dylan Windler (Belmont) ) scored 35 points, 14 pts higher than his season average but Belmont lost the game and Windler will not be able to add any more points for Team Kremer.  Commissioner's 24th round pick of Jordan Burns (Colgate) hit for 32 points, double his 16 pts per game regular season average but # 15 Colgate dropped the game as expected against # 2 Tennessee.  The third draft pick over 30 points, Team Snyder's Caleb Homesley (12 pt a game reg season) from Liberty, scored 30 points and was a huge reason # 12 Liberty edged #5 Mississippi State 80-76 so Homesley will get some more points for Team Snyder.

Top 100 Draft Picks:  In the 2018 draft, 18 draft picks selected prior to the 11th draft round (10 draft teams mean 100 draft picks through 10 rounds), were elimated from the game after the first game played.  This year again there were 18 draft selections that were out before seeing a 2nd game.  Team Kremer lost the most players 5 while the Commish and Team Noffke went unscathed.   It helps to have your draft picks move on especially your top 10 picks, but often that doesn't dictate where you'll finish in this draft game. 

Projection for standings after Game 2:

Overall through the first game played, Dennis Hammer has a narrow 3 point lead over Team Trevino.  Computing the expected points scored with the remaining picks still alive, Team Trevino is expected to move into first place after Sunday's games heading to the Sweet 16.






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