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Thursday evening 03/14/19, we met at Bottoms Up in Naperville.  Present were SID members Bill Starkweather and John Logan, Dennis Hammer and Mark Noffke.

Numbers were drawn out of a hat in the order of finish from last year plus adding back Rod Snyder who missed last year's draft.  There will be 10 teams drafting again this year.  We will draft 28 players each team for a total of 280 players selected. The draft will be a snake draft so drafting 1st you don't draft again until the 20th and 21st pick in the draft.

Draft order for 2019 draft will be:

1) Commissioner Krautstrunk

2) Team Lehman: John Lehman, Ben Schweers & Joe Quebbeman

3) Dave Eccles

4) Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer

5) Dennis Hammer & Dominick Schmidt

6) SID team: Bill Starkweather, John Logan, Drew Logan & Don Owens

7) Rod Snyder & Pat Mitchell

8) Team Trevino: Ralph, NIck & Sam Trevino

9) Team Kremer: Ken Kremer, Bob Boldt, Tim Boldt & Anthony Loftus

10) Team Noffke: Mark Noffke, Steve Noffke & Bruce Martin



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