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The draft order was drafted Monday night 03/05/18 at the commissioner's house in Naperville.  The numbers were picked from a hat, selected in the order of finish from the 2017 game, last place to first, then the team of Matt Krautstrunk and Jeremiah Royer picked and finally Alan Foresta received the final number in the hat.

Present was the accounting firm of Noffweather and Krauthammer. 

The following has been determined to be the draft order for the Wednesday evening March 14th - 2018 NCAA tournament draft.

1)  SID team - Drew & John Logan, Bill Starkweather, Don Owens

2) Team Noffke - Mark & Steve Noffke, Bruce Martin

3) Commissioner Krautstrunk

4) Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer

5) Team Kremer - Ken Kremer, Bob & Tim Boldt & Anthony Loftus

6) Team Lehman - John Lehman, Joe Quebbeman & Ben Schwers

7) Dave Eccles

8) Dennis Hammer

9) Team Trevino - Ralph, Nick & Sam Trevino

10) Alan Foresta




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