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All tournament team

      Tyus Jones - Duke       MOP


Frank Kaminsky - Wisconsin


Grayson Allen - Duke


Sam Dekker - Wisconsin


Justise Winslow - Duke





 The Commissioner's Cup was officially passed from defending champion SID member Bill Starkweather to members of Team Noffke (from left to right, SID Bill Starkweather, Team Noffke members Mark Noffke & Bruce Martin.  Missing is SID Don Owens, SID Drew Logan, SID John Logan and Team Noffke member Steve Noffke.

Wrapping up the tournament:

Obviously the Wisconsin / Kentucky game in the Final 4 was awesome.  I think Wisconsin was perhaps a bit tired and not ready for the aggressive defense Duke threw at them in the championship game.  Wisconsin up 9 in the 2nd half, appeared to be destined to win this year.  A couple of missed calls and all of a sudden the lead was diminished.  Two freshman from Duke, Tyus Jones and Grayson Allen provided the spark to offset Winslow and Okafor on the bench with foul trouble.  Duke freshmen scored 60 of the 68 points in the game for the night.


The 2015 All tournament team was comprised of Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker and from Duke. Grayson Allen, Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones named MOP for the tournament


Every year we talk about how great the tournament was after conclusion and again, 2015 didn't fall too far from being another great year.  Some referee decisions may have caught some of the teams participating, to move on, like the goal tending call on SMU when it appeared that there was no way the shot from UCLA's Bryce Alford had a remote chance of going in. 

Some random things coming out of this tournament.........

  •  This was the first time since 2009 where more than 1 # 1 seed made it to the FInal 4.  This year, Kentucky, Duke and Wisconsin all made it to the Final 4 as # 1 seeds.

  •  Michigan State and coach Tom Izzo made it to the Final 4 as a 7 seed.  I guess the lesson learned is that no matter where Michigan State is seeded, strongly consider them to make the Elite 8 or even the Final 4, he's that good of a coach!

  •  Defending champion from 2014 U Conn did not make the tournament this year but that was due to the fact they disqualified themselves.

  •  The Big 12 conference, touted throughout much of the season as being the toughest and best conference in the nation this year were rewarded with 7 tournament bids.  Big 12 conference teams went 5-7 in the tournament.  Early first round losses by Baylor, Iowa State, Texas & Oklahoma State lost many draft selections.  Many had Iowa State in the Final 4. Then Kansas in the round of 32 and only West Virginia and Oklahoma made it to the Sweet 16 but that was as far as they got.  The ACC record in the tournament - their 6 bids went 17-5, not bad!

  • Last year, we had 9 draft picks that were picked in the draft that were injured and not available in the games they were expected in the tournament.  Of course this will accumulate negative +/- points for the drafter but is this something you really want, when it's draft night?   The largest individual player <-> points accumulated last year went to the Noffke team who selected Brandon Ashley of Arizona <46 +/- pts> in the 3rd round, 31st overall pick.  Ashley went down with a season ending ankle injury in early February.  One could only imagine where the Noffke team would have finished by not taking Ashley.  The Noffke team finished in 3rd only 33 points behind 2nd place. Team Noffke certainly corrected themselves this year.

  • This year's there were just 3 or 4 players selected that probably or definately shouldn't have been picked.  Led by a 19th round draft pick, Louisville's Chris Jones was selected by Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer. Jones was not on the team but with the team lasting 4 games, Jones accumulated <55> points for them, helping Matt & Jeremiah to recapture 1/2 of the entry fee back.  So maybe the lesson learned is that sometimes if you make a late round blunder and the team lasts for a good amount of games, there's a good chance you might win 1/2 your entry fee back which is like winning 5 draft rounds.


All of the scoring has been rechecked and I found NO corrections necessaary. 

Final results:



Drafter / Team Members Score Behind
1st Place $300 Mark & Steve Noffke, Bruce Martin 957  
2nd Place $200 Ralph & Nick Trevino 753 -204
3rd Place $100 Bob Glinke 727 -230
4th   Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer 686 -271
5th   Ken Kremer, Bob & Tim Boldt 670 -287
6th   Rob Stenzel 610 -347
7th   Steve Krautstrunk 599 -358
8th   Team Seyccles - Dave Eccles & Ron Seymour 582 -375
9th   SID squad - Bill Starkweather, Don Owens, Drew & John Logan 575 -382
10th   Dennis Hammer 566 -391






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