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The Championship Game has been locked in


<- Frank "the Tank" Kaminsky was drafted # 1 in the draft by Rob Stenzel.  Kaminsky is the leading scorer in the tournament going into the championship game. 


# 1 Wisconsin Badgers vs  # 1 Duke Blue Devils

Tipoff Monday 04/06 @ 8:18 CT


Our game:

The Noffke team of Mark & Steve Noffke & Bruce Martin are running away with the draft game this year.  Had Michigan State won on Saturday night in the Final 4 game against Duke, we would be thinking he Noffke team might hit 1000 points this year, for an unheard of 36 points per draft picks.   Now their sights are focused on breaking the overall points record of 963 from the Commissioner back in 1990.  To get to this number, their remaining pick Nigel Hayes of Wisconsin will have to hit 19 points to tie, 20 to set the record. 


Projecting 2nd or 3rd place this year is a little more difficult.  Using the average points per game (regular season) it shows to be a fight for 2nd place between Team Trevino of Ralph & Nick Trevino and Bob Glinke.   Team Trevino have 1 player remaining, freshman Tyus Jones for Duke.  Tyus' regular season average was 11.8, his tournament average is at 11.0.  Bob Glinke has 2 picks remaining and is currently 15 points behind Trevino.  Glinke's remaining picks of Jahlil Okafor of Duke and Traevon Jackson of Wisconsin.  Both Okafor and Jackson are underperforming in the tournament this year.  Based on regular season average, Glinke would catch and tie Trevino.  Based on reality, Jackson's playing time has been limited and looks totally non committed to the Wisconsin "team" concept.  Okafor could catch fire, we will have to wait and see.


Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer's team has performed very well this year but they are not getting the expected points from their draft picks so they probably will not finish in a money position. 



Through 5th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Mark Noffke team  - 944

2nd: Trevino team - 730

3rd: Bob Glinke - 715

4th: Matt & Jerry - 681



Top 4 Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:  Rob Stenzel's - Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin) - 111 pts (still in)

               Team Kremer's - Sam Dekker (Wisconsin) - 103 pts (still in)

               Noffke Team's - Travis Trice (Michigan State) - 95 (out)

               Bob Glinke's - Jahlil Okafor (Duke) - 80 (still in)



+/- Leader ($50 payout):  

Matt Krautstrunk & Jeremiah Royer probably have this in check for the tournament.  Their draft pick of Chris Jones of Louisville actually was a positive pick from the standpoint that they will get 1/2 their entry fee back with his <55> points.  They are currently at <98> accumulated points in the tournament, the next closest is the Team Seyccles made up of Dave Eccles and Ron Seymour who are at <77> through 5 games.