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Field narrowed from 64 to 32 teams:

Although it is too early to predict anything after Thursday and Friday's first round action so hang on and hope your players see a 3rd game this year.  




<- Adreian Payne - Team Noffke's 9th pick in the draft from Michigan State just erupted against Delaware for 41 points.  

Another year with more bracket busters in the opening round games.  These had to save Warren Buffett a billion dollars.  Talk about a safe bet for him.  Quite a few of the outcomes of these games affected our draft picks and possibly your position in the game. 

# 14 Mercer took down # 3 Duke 78-71

                         & three 12 - 5 "upsets"

# 12 Harvard defeated # 5 Cincinnati 61-57 on Thursday and that same day we saw # 5 Oklahoma Sooners get a defeat in the hands of # 12 North Dakota State.  # 5 Saint Louis probably should have lost to # 12 North Carolina State that day as well and they became the only 5 seed to advance because on Friday Stephen F Austin narrowly beat # 5 VCU 77-75 by virtue of a 4 point play with only 3 seconds left in regulation to tie the game and put it into overtime.

There were 3 draft picks to score over 30 in the opening round.  Payne of MSU lead the way with 41 points and Bryce Cotton of Providence was a one man show down the stretch.  His 36 points were not enough to carry # 11 Providence to beat North Carolina.  Doug McDermott was the remaining pick to hit an even 30 in Creighton's win over Louisiana Lafayatte. 

** We had 12 draft picks score more than double their regular season average in the opening round game

John Lehman benefited with 4 picks accumulating 77 more points over their average in the first round game.  

Another year with a really nice turnout at the open house Thursday and especially on Friday.  Friday was one of the best days I can remember for the opening round party.

A big thank you to all that participated, it makes watching the games that much more interesting and exciting. 

Through First Round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Rob Stenzel - 394

2nd: Ron Seymour team - 342

3rd: Matt Krautstrunk team - 320

4th: Mark Noffke team - 316


Updated scoring through 1st round games projected after Sat Sun games:






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