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Field narrowed from 64 to 32 teams:

Although it is too early to predict anything after Thursday and Friday's first round action so hang on and hope your players see a 3rd game this year.  



<- Kahlif Wyatt - Matt"s 9th round selection from Temple poured in 31 pts in opening round game

A couple of fairly significant upsets this year affected a handful of draft picks.

# 14 Harvard took down # 3 New Mexico 68-62


# 13 LaSalle defeated # 4 Kansas State 63-61

In addition, out of the four 12-5 tournament matchups, three 12 seeded teams moved on with victories.  # 12 Mississippi dispatched # 5 Wisconsin in the West region, # 12 California took care of # 5 UNLV in the East and # 12 Oregon handled # 5 Oklahoma State in the Midwest Region. 

We had only 1 draft pick score more than 30 in the opening round games.  Matt Krautstrunk's 9th round selection of Khalif Wyatt hit for 31 in Temple's 77-72 win over NC State.

** We had 8 draft picks score more than double their regular season average in the opening round game

SID team benefited with 3 picks and Kevin Keuper / Dave Eccles had two picks.  John Lehman's pick of Sam Thompson from Ohio State in the 9th round hit for nearly triple his regular season average.


Another year with a really nice turnout at the open house Thursday and Friday.  We had a lengthy bitch in the middle game on Thursday night that went almost 5 hours that was good for a ton of laughs. 

Again, I applaud the NCAA for changing things around by spreading out the games out to truTV, TNT and TBS.  It's great to be able to watch many of these first round games almost in their entirety, the only obvious hangup is the length of time for commercials.  I guess that is a sacrifice that we'll have to deal with in order to be able to watch most of these games. 

A big thank you to all that participated, it makes watching the games that much more interesting and exciting. 

Through First Round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Ken Kremer team - 328

2nd: Matt Krautstrunk - 313

3rd: Kevin Keuper team - 311

4th: Ralph Trevino team - 310


Leading Scorer in the tournament:

Wyatt (Temple) is still in the tournament but face Indiana next



Updated scoring through 1st round games projected after Sat Sun games:







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