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Finals have been decided:


<- Russ Smith (Louisville) the overall l# 1 pick in the draft by the Trevino team will win the tournament scoring title this year.  Smith is 45 points ahead of the next active scorer in the tournament Mitch McGary (Michigan) and will win the $25 bonus prize.


# 4 Michigan Wolverines vs  # 1 Louisville Cardinals

Tipoff 8:23 CT

Monday Night 04/08


Our game:

The Trevino team of Ralph, Nick & Sam are in the lead with 730 points and have two players remaining in the championship game including the leading scorer Russ Smith.  The Noffke team of Mark, Steve & Bruce Martin are 23 points behind and still have 3 draft picks playing but unless something happens to one or both Trevino's players, do not see them catching first this year. 


Standing alone in 3rd place with no players remaining is the Cheesehead Keuper team of Kevin & Dave Eccles.  They are locked in at 697 points for the tournament, 41 ahead of Rob Stenzel who still has 2 active and 1 inactive (Kevin Ware) left in this tournament.  Stenzel's players would have to more than double their 2012 reg season avg to catch the Keuper team, I do not see that happening. 


Through 5th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Ralph,Nick & Sam Trevino - 730

2nd: Mark & Steve Noffke & Bruce Martin - 707

3rd: Kevin Keuper & Dave Eccles - 697

4th: Rob Stenzel & Jason Schladenhauffen - 656

Projected Final Results:










Top 3 Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:  Ralph Trevino team's - Russ Smith (Louisville) - 125 pts (still in)

               Kevin Keuper team's - Deshaun Thomas (Ohio State) - 89 pts (out)

               Dennis Hammer's - Seth Curry (Duke) - 84 (out)


+/- Leader ($50 payout):  

John Lehman has pretty much locked up this payment with a <105> point level. The only way Lehman can lose this calculation is if Ralph Trevino only get 1 or 2 points total in the championship game from their 2 remaining player, so there's really no chance they can lose this dubious payout.


25 Draft Rounds won thus far ($10 / round):