Through 4th Round Games 





Final 4 has been decided:

<- Durrell Summers (MI State) is the highest scorer left in the tournament



# 5 Butler Bulldogs vs # 5 Michigan State Spartans


# 2 West Virginia Mountaineers vs # 1 Duke Blue Devils


Who had Butler or even Michigan State in the final 4 this year?  Many of us had UTEP defeating Butler in the very first round.  They play so well as a team, just goes to show what a little teamwork can do for you.  Having Butler from the Horizon League in the Final 4 will financially help all the rest of the conference teams, including Valpo.   Valpo's trying to raise money to redo their basketball court at a bid of $500,000.  Maybe Homer will get his new floor by virtue of Butler making it to the Final 4. 


Again, Michigan State losing their leading scorer and point guard in the 2nd round game this tournament and they still refuse to lose.  Just goes to show what a great coach Tom Izzo is and how a great coach can motivate a team!  I'm surprised they were able to pull it off against Northern Iowa and then Tennessee over this past weekend.


I thought the referees blew a few calls against Scott Drew's Baylor Bears on Sunday.  The game changer in my mind was the offensive foul called on Quincy Acy that took away a good bucket and put Duke's Brian Zoubek on the line.  Duke's going to get most of those calls so you have to grin and bear it.  It's not right, but there's not too much you can do to change it.  I also think West Va has gotten to the Final 4 with mirrors this year.  They really haven't played any "great" games in this tournament. 



NCAA draft situation:

Rob Stenzel & Jason Schladenhoffen maintain a safe 122 pt lead and are coasting home.  As mentioned before, the battle is on for 2nd place between first time drafters,  Mike & John Lehman (7 players left) and veteran drafter Dennis Hammer (3 players left).  The "projected" difference after Saturday's Final 4 games has Hammer with a 5 point lead.  It should be noted that the projected points are from the regular season average and also include Kalin Lucas' projected 15 points and Lucas is out for the tournament.


Through 4th round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Rob Stenzel - 835

2nd: Dennis Hammer - 713

3rd: Steve Krautstrunk - 677

4th: John Lehman - 673


Current standings in the game through 4 games:
Pos Drafter Score Behind   Still In Out
1 Rob Stenzel 835 -   3 25
2 Dennis Hammer 713 -122   3 25
3 Steve Krautstrunk 677 -158   3 25
4 John Lehman 673 -162   7 21
5 Ken Kremer 669 -166   3 25
6 Bob Glinke 667 -168   2 26
7 SID 617 -218   1 27
8 Mark Noffke 587 -248   0 28
9 Claude Childers 533 -302   6 22
10 Matt Krautstrunk 403 -432   0 28
    5899     53 227

Expected position in the game after FINAL games Sat night:

(this is using regular season averages)

Pos Drafter          
1 Rob Stenzel   866      
2 Dennis Hammer   748      
3 John Lehman   743      
4 Steve Krautstrunk   704      
5 Ken Kremer   700      
6 Bob Glinke   691      
7 SID   627      
8 Mark Noffke   587      
9 Claude Childers   580      
10 Matt Krautstrunk   403      


Top 3 Leading Scorers in the tournament:

Leader:     Ken Kremer's - Jacob Pullen (KS State) - 91 pts (out)

                 Steve Krautstrunk's - Jordan Crawford (Xavier) - 87 pts (out)

                 Ken Kremer's - LaceDarius Dunn (Baylor) - 84 pts (out)

+/- Leader   

Matt Krautstrunk at <112> points has this $50 payback pretty much locked up.  He cannot lose or gain any more points from this tournament as he does not have a player remaining.