Game 3 

Field narrowed to 8 teams left:

As expected with the predicted positions, Dennis Hammer has taken the lead and has 6 draft picks remaining going to the Sat and Sun Elite 8 matchups that will ultimately determine the Final 4. 

Mark Noffke and Rob Stenzel dropped a notch in the standings.  With so many of the high seeded teams still in the tournament this year, we'll have to see what happens in the Elite 8 games before any possible prediction might even be attempted! 

What happened to Claude??

Claude Childers, who only lost 1 player after the first set of games looked to still be the man in this draft game after the opening weekend as he had 19 players still playing.  As detailed in the Game 2 tab, Claude had 4 big games in the Sweet 16, against Dennis Hammer and his picks.  Hammer's teams and his players prevailed in 3 out of the 4 and that spelled the end for Claude's chances of winning this game this year.  

Not only did the teams he was rooting for lose, his draft picks way underperformed in those games.  We expected after the Thursday and Friday Sweet 16 games that Hammer would lead with 714 points and Claude would be right behind with 692.  In actuality, Hammer did lead with 712 points but Claude's total was only 644 points.  His 19 players didn't pick up the expected 162 points, they managed 50 points less than that!  There were too many of his picks that underperformed in game 3 to list them all, but Travon Hughes of Wisconsin, averaging 16.5 points through 1st two games, got him 0 points.  That was the biggie.

Leading Drafters:

Look at how close the scoring has been this year compared to last.  These are the 3 game totals.

Through 3rd round games - top 4 drafters (1-3 pay):  

1st: Dennis Hammer 712      -> last year - 704

2nd: Mark Noffke - 678         -> last year - 670

3rd: Rob Stenzel - 664           -> last year - 669

4th: Bob Glinke - 658             -> last year 641


Leading Scorers:

Leading Scorers in the tournament

Dennis Hammer's - Stephen Curry (Davidson) - 103 pts

Kevin Keuper's - Tyrone Brazelton (W KY) - 79 pts (out)

Mark Noffke's - Kevin Love (UCLA) - 68 pts

Rob Stenzel's  - Chris D-Roberts (Memphis) 65 pts


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