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Field narrowed from 64 to 32 teams:

Predictability of these outcome of the games has proved to be the hardest factor in another year of multiple "upsets".  # 2 seed and a favorite of probably most of the nation to make the Final 4, # 2 seed Michigan State went down hard to a very focused # 15 seed Middle Tennessee State team. 

In 2015 there were no 12 seeded teams winning their first round games against the 5 seed.  This year, 2 won, Arkansas Little Rock over Purdue and Yale beating Baylor.  This marked the 2nd consecutive year Baylor lost in the first round to a double digit seeded team.  Last year it was 14th seeded Georgia State beating the Baylor Bears in the opening round game.

I'm not sure if it was a record or not this year, but 10 teams moved on to a game 2 that were double digit seeds.  The Midwest Region had 4 of these making it 4 out of the 8 teams playing this region double digit seeds.



< - Thomas Walkup was able to take a leave from his "settler" role with Directv commercials to pour in 33 points in the upset of # 3 West Virginia



In our game, 3 players hit for 30 + points in the first game and they will all move on to play a 2nd game which is not a usual occurence.   Team Trevino (Ralph & NIck) had 2 draft picks, 25th round pick Thomas Walkup hit for 33 points in # 14 seed S F Austin's upset of # 3 West Virginia (16 greater than his reg season average) and 18th round pick, Makai Mason of Yale who scored 31 points in # 12 Yale's upset of # 5 Baylor.  Mason's points scored were 15 greater than his 16 points a game regular season average.  Team Kremer (Ken Kremer, Bob & Tim Boldt) received 31 points from their 26th round draft pick Josh Hagins of # 12 Arkansas Little Rock as they defeated # 5 Purdue by 2 points 85-83.  Hagin's regular season average was 13 a game.

The biggest news of the opening round game was the fact that the # 1 pick in the entire draft, Denzel Valentine of Michigan State, selected by SID, lasted that one game and he only scored 13 points.  Although these stats are not immediately available, this would have to be a record in our draft game of scoring the least amount of points from the # 1 pick in the draft.  The Hammer team (Dennis and Dominick Schmidt) also lost their 1st round pick, Bryn Forbes of Michigan State.  Forbes was the overall 7th pick of the draft.

We had a number of draft picks who scored considerably more in the first game compared to their regular season average.  These players include Seyccles Team (Dave Eccles and Ron Seymour) pick of Svi Mykhailiuk (141st pick overall) who scored 23 for Kansas, 17.5 points above his regular season average; SID's pick of Jake Layman (91st pick overall) who scored 27 points 16 above his regular season avg and Seyccles pick of Marshall Plumlee (130th pick overall) who put up 23 pts for Duke which was 15 above his average.

The following is our current positions after 1st game and then projected points after game 2 using regular season averages.






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