Blake Griffin - OK


Lawson - UNC






North Carolina Tar Heels - national champs

 <- North Carolina's Wayne Ellington - leading scorer in the tournament

Rob Stenzel's team coasted in for the win by a wide margin, 170 points over 2nd place finisher SID team.  So dominant was Rob's tournament, he drafted 3 players from 6 teams.  Using just the points scored by those 18 draft picks Rob would have won the game by a couple of points.  He was right on in selecting 3 players from U Conn (205 points), Missouri (178), Michigan State (112), Syracuse (111), Xavier (79) and Purdue (77).  Overall Rob got 88 games played out his draft picks, next closest was Ken Kremer with 72.  Player games however is not that significant of a statistic unless the players you're drafting are scoring for you.  Rob's 28 total picks were from 14 teams in the tournament so he definitely made the correct team choices.  Only Kevin Keuper drafted from fewer teams (12) but Kevin finished up with 633 points, almost 300 points behind Rob's final total.

The SID team (Bill Starkweather, John & Drew Logan) battled back this year to finish in 2nd place.  This 2nd place finish was kind of surprising since they only scored 4 points total in the Final Four.  The only player they had in the Final Four was Travis Walton of MI State who scored 2 - 2 the last two games of the tournament.  They were helped greatly with the contribution from the 2nd overall pick in the draft, Sam Young who finished with 93 points. Contrary to the strategy of same team drafting, SID's 28 total picks covered 25 different teams.

Ron Seymour ended up in 3rd place this year thanks to the great output from his 1st round pick of Ty Lawson of UNC.  Lawson was potentially a risky pick because it was unknown how many tournament games he might miss from his toe injury.  He only missed the opening round game and proceeded to score 104 points over their final 5 games.  Seymour's 2nd round pick of Sherron Collins of Kansas also finished in the top 10 in scoring this year and he only played 3 games.   Ron also benefited from 2 12-seed picks that beat the 5 seed. He got 57 from Chase Budinger (Arizona) and an additional 36 from Mendez of W Kentucky.

All scoring has been rechecked.  There were a couple of errors in posting the scoring during the tournament and these corrections actually moved Seymour into 3rd place bumping down Claude Childers by a mere 3 point differential. 

Final results:



Drafter / Team Members Score Behind
1st Place $300 Rob Stenzel / Jason Schladenhoffen 930  
2nd Place $200 SID (Bill Starkweather, Drew Logan, John Logan) 760 -170
3rd Place $100 Ron Seymour / Dan 749 -181
4th   Claude Childers / Dave Eccles 746 -184
5th   Ken Kremer / Bob Boldt 733 -197
6th   Steve Krautstrunk 708 -222
7th   Matt Krautstrunk / Jeremiah Royer 669 -261
8th   Dennis Hammer / Ryan Hammer 668 -262
9th   Mark Noffke / Bruce Martin / Steve Noffke 656 -274
10th   Kevin Keuper 633 -297






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