Dorsey - Memphis


Kaun - Kansas







<- "Super Mario" Chalmers (Kansas) celebrating championship game tieing shot

Rob Stenzel & Brad Homerding's team came through in the final game for the win.  Needing 38 points from 3 draft picks to tie Dennis Hammer,who had no players in the final game, it proved to be no problem as the Stenzel team scored 51 points from their 3 main draft picks, Chris Douglas-Roberts (22 points), Mario Chalmers (18 points) & Robert Dozier (11 points).  Hammer, perhaps a little disappointedly finished in 2nd place, 65 points ahead of Bob Glinke who wrapped up the final paying position in the game.  Nice job Bob for your first time in our draft!!

In that battle for 3rd place, this is what was laid out under the Game 5 tab:  Another close battle is brewing at the 3rd place position this year.  Mark Noffke / Bruce Martin (741 points) team are currently residing in that position, 9 points ahead of Bob Glinke (732 points) and 13 points ahead of Claude Childers (729 points).  Like Dennis Hammer, Noffke does not have a player left playing, while Glinke has Derrick Rose (Memphis) and Claude is sitting with 3 players on Memphis who total up to about what Rose averages per game.  Claude would also like to see Kansas clamp down on Derrick Rose to allow possibly his players more points.

This is what actually happened for 3rd place:  Bob Glinke with the help of his lone remaining draft pick Derrick Rose (Memphis) scored 18 points to pass up the Noffke team and finish with 750 points, 4 points ahead of Claude Childers who amassed 17 points out of his 4 remaining players (one draft pick was injured Stewart of Kansas).  The Noffke / Martin team fell to 5th place in the game with their final total of 741 points.

All scoring has been rechecked.  There were a couple of errors in posting the scoring during the tournament but the errors did not affect the outcome or the order of finish in the game.

Final results:


Money ?

Drafter / Team Members Score Behind
1st Place $300 Rob Stenzel / Brad Homerding 828  
2nd Place $200 Dennis Hammer 815 -13
3rd Place $100 Bob Glinke 750 -78
4th   Claude Childers 746 -82
5th   Mark Noffke / Bruce Martin 741 -87
6th   Kevin Keuper 722 -106
7th   Matt Krautstrunk 682 -146
8th   Ken Kremer 602 -226
9th   SID 576 -252
10th   Steve Krautstrunk 551 -277






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