Another draft completed and currently in the works.  These are various reports created after the draft.  Click on the links to open the reports:

2008 Draft - click on this link to open / save 2008 Draft file

2008 Draft by Drafter then Draft Round - click on this link to open

2008 Draft by Team / Drafter / Round - click on this link to open

Finally, and this is the most important thing: The experts of bracketology in our group stayed around draft night, after most had left and we voted on who would win each game.  A complete bracket was completed and the number of games were entered, times the player drafted averages and this is what we arrived at:

1st Place: Dennis Hammer 853 pts

2nd Place: Ken Kremer 827 pts

3rd Place: Mark Noffke 801 pts


see Expert Picks tab for complete recap !

The selection committee consisted of the following experts: Mark Noffke, Dennis Hammer, Bill Starkweather, Steve Krautstrunk, John Logan and Claude Childers. 


Keep reviewing the Updates tab for up to date game scoring.


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