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Wednesday March 14th 2012:

Please plan on arriving at my house between 5:45 to 6:15 if possible.  We're looking to start the draft at 6:45 sharp but we'll need to determine draft order, plus get everyone situated so the earlier you get there the better. 

As usual, look for your assigned seating on Wednesday night.  There will be food/dinner available, please plan on bringing your own libation.  For easy directions, please click on this link and reset the "to here" driving directions. 

We're looking at probably 10 drafting this year and will be looking at 28 draft picks again for a total of 280 players drafted.  If it's 11 drafters, we'll be drafting 26 draft picks totaling 286 draft picks.  We should be done approximately 10:30 and no later than 11pm give or take 30 minutes.

Also, for those of you that can stick around after the draft, please do so.  We'll spend maybe 30 - 45 minutes and do an "expert picks" to determine who might have had the best draft that evening.  We did not do that in 2011 so I would really like to do that this year.


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