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The tournament is over and I would have to say the Championship game was a bit anticlimatic.  Tar Heels pretty much took it to the Spartans and the undermanned Spartans did not have a real go to player to rely on.  Congratulations to Tyler Hansborough for all he accomplished at UNC in his 4 years there.  

As for our NCAA game, again it continues to amaze me that after 28 draft rounds and all the scoring that goes on in the tournament, our game has come down to the last game before final positions are determined for like the 10th time in the past 11 years.  Although first place was pretty much locked up due to Rob Stenzel's great year this year, the difference between 2nd place and 3rd place was only 13 points.  The difference between 2nd place and 6th place was 52 points and the difference between finishing in the money (3rd Place) and not, was only 3 points.  Click on the Updates tab then the Final tab to see what happened.  

This is a big reason why we have the +/- calculation payoff because sometimes you should have won the game or finished in the money had your players just scored what they did over the 30+ games they played in the regular season.  This year was no exception.  Click on the Updates tab the the Final tab then the Plus Minus Leaders tab.  Or just click on this link to jump to that page.

The updates tab contains the updated 2009 game information.  There are multiple tabs under the updates area for who was ahead after each game.  The final tab contains final payouts, leading scorer, round winner recaps etc. 


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